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Pinsoft® is state-of-the-art software that aids in the efficient management of property & casualty insurance companies. Our software includes flexibility in system setup, digital images of risks and claims, drag and drop form assignment and many other intelligent features. We are integrating into our systems many functions that are currently accomplished by small companies off-line on spreadsheets or available only through special report writing. One example is premium loss analysis by agent by policy type. In addition, open access is provided to the vast amount of policy and claim data that is stored by our systems via other third party report writers, such as Crystal Reports, by installing an open database connectivity (ODBC) driver available from SoftVelocity. Our Pinsoft systems interface to the general ledger via ASCII text files. Because of its simplicity and excellent fit with small insurers we recommend use of the Adagio® general ledger from Softrak Systems.

Our initial release included policy issuance, claims, and integrated policy rating, integrated reinsurance and integrated check writing. We have now rolled out our agent web access and quoting product which allows agents to view their insured's policy and claim information as well as giving your agents the ability to quote and submit applications via the web. The submitted applications can be imported into Pinsoft with no re-entry of data.  Use of the Internet will encompass additional costs, which have yet to be determined and will be based in part on the Internet service and speed available at your company office.