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What sets us apart from our competition is the quality of our software and the quality of our support. Many features of our systems are untouched by our competition; from the easy-to-use, intuitive design of our system menus and screens, to our elegant policy declaration page and premium notices, to our integrated simple yet sophisticated rating model, to our integrated premium and billing accounting control.

From a support standpoint our approach is to treat each and every customer as our most important customer. In that regard we bend over backwards to help each user in every system need or inquiry they have. We pride ourselves on prompt, courteous, professional response to all requests for support. Our company policy is to require all users to be on our support plan and our license agreement requires participation in such. Our support agreement provides you with system upgrades and enhancements to licensed modules, and provides access to our support personnel via the telephone, remote connection or on-site as the situation dictates. Included in our licensing and support plan are standard annual hours of personalized support.