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"We have been a longtime Pinsoft customer.  The one area where Pinsoft has excelled is in developing applications that are very user friendly.  The web access/quoting system is easy to use from an agents perspective and easy to administer by the carrier.  I have heard several times from agent’s that is the most user friendly and simplest system they have ever used.  Agent training is a snap.  That translates into more business written!" ~ Ellington Mutual Insurance Company

“I would recommend Pinsoft to any mutual insurance company looking for an affordable, efficient, and comprehensive policy processing system. The staff is easy to work with and readily available. Our agents love the Online Agent Inquiry, and we’re looking forward to implementation of our Online Agent Quoting system. Pinsoft is a great solution for the small town mutual!”~Pella Mutual Insurance Company

“Sugar Creek Mutual was searching for policy processing software that had ease of use, consistency in data entry, and good support.  Sugar Creek Mutual found all those at a reasonable cost when we switched in 2010 to Pinsoft."~Sugar Creek Mutual Insurance Company

"Pinsoft excels in their service and support!  The staff is always friendly and prompt about answering questions. Pinsoft is continually updating their program." ~Northern Finnish Mutual Insurance Company

"PINSOFT…Excellent ease of use & On the spot support services. Need we say more."  - Arlington Mutual Insurance Company

"As an early client of Pinsoft LLC and user of their software programs, we were pleased with Pinsoft’s efforts provided during installation of the software, which included reconciling the data .  Their employees were helpful in the setup of the program and problem resolution.  In addition, we highly  appreciate the ease in which Pinsoft data is downloaded into Adagio Ledger system.  We would recommend Pinsoft as your software provider." ~Middleton Insurance Company